Olivier Bello
Arsenal Modelist


This section will enable you to better understand my personal approach to building Navy Board models through precise and fully detailed examples.

New pages will be opened in the future on a ongoing basis: they will enable you to discover the various working methods I use to manage the construction of the different elements to be crafted during the building of a ship model.

Gun carriageAnchors
Artillery accessoriesOars
Deck beamsPlanking a hull
Planking a deckShip's boat
Turning the bells on the latheStructure of a stern
The deadeyes and chainplatesFrame
The kitchensSuperposed kitchens and oven
Metal kitchensLadders
The head of a mediterranean vesselStern lantern
Decorative figurinesNetting
Bread and pastry ovensGarlands and flower baskets
Kneading trough and work tableGun port lids
Baker's toolsTrompe-l'oeil paintings
Hatch coversPole mast
Breech-loading swivel gunsBlocks
Stern decorationGun platform
Quarter deck platformStove
ParrelsGunports painted as Trompe-l'oeil
Animal sculpturesSail panels and drawn threads
Gun BarrelDesign of a piece of cooperage
The process of assembly of casksSmall pieces of cooperage : quarter barrels and barrels
Small cooperage work