Olivier Bello
Arsenal Modelist

Cultural sites

Arbois : Louis Pasteur's house/Vineyard in the Jura region

Arc-et-Senans : The Royal Salt Mines/The Forest of Chaux

Basel : Bayeler Foundation, Tinguely Museum

Baume-Les-Messieurs: The Abbaye, The high valley, the cave

Belfort : The Lion, the fortifications, the European Rock Festival

Belvoir : The castle

Besançon : The Time Museum, the Citadel (Deportation Museum), Music Festival

Champagney : Museum of the Negro race and the Rights of Man

Dole: The collegiate church

Lausanne : The Olympic Museum

Martigny : Pierre Gianadda Foundation

Montbenoit : The abbaye

Moirans-en-Montagne : The Toy Museum

Mulhouse : Sclumpf Museum, Cloth Industry Museum, Railroad Museum

Montbéliard : Peugeot Museum, Castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg, A tour of the architect Schlickart buildings

Ornans : Courbet Museum

Pontarlier : The Castle of Joux

Ronchamps : Notre-Dame du Haut : a chapel by Le Corbusier

Saint-Claude : the Pipe and Diamond Museum

Villersexel : The castle

Touristic sites

The Ballon d'Alsace mountain

The Saut du Doubs falls

The Consolation Mountains Ring

The Thousand Lakes Plateau

The source of the Loue River

Saint Point Lake / Source of the Doubs River

The Osselle Cave